Planning Progression

Our Curriculum

Curriculum information inc. subject content
To ensure that our curriculum builds on previously taught skills and knowledge - we have used the Essentials Curriculum to map and cross-reference all aspects of learning throughout the majority of subjects. Curriculum maps for all subject areas have been planned and subject leaders triangulate these with book-looks, pupil conferencing and lesson observations to ensure that children's learning is both enjoyable and progressive. 
In order to ensure the acquisition and development of key skills within PE, we use the REAL PE curriculum. This curriculum is carefully planned to ensure progression of skills from EYFS to Y6. 
In RE, we use the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus. This carefully builds on prior knowledge  and skills in order to develop understanding of 6 religions of the world, alongside understanding some non-religious world-views. 
For the teaching of PSHE, we use the Jigsaw programme of work. This allows us to cover all aspects of the 2021 PSHE curriculum including SRE.