Photos of Class 4

Our Classes

 Here's what we get up to in Year 4!
Katherine Rundell spoke to us today about her new book 'Impossible Creatures'
Here we are enjoying whole class reading. We are reading our new class novel 'The Last Bear' by Hannah Gold.
Understanding place value using Base 10 
We have had a fantastic day in Class 4 today with a real live Viking visiting us! 
We learnt about key battles, Viking longships, runes and how to play Viking games, amongst other exciting things!
One Big Question - Were the Vikings Raiders or Settlers?
Were the Viking Raiders or Settlers? This was our Big Question this week. Here we are researching additional information to put in to our projects. Ask us the answer!
We used charcoal, charcoal dust and rubbers in today's art lesson learning all about proportion.
The finished result!
This is the finished result of our scratch art. We had to first use wax crayons to colour our page and then we painted it several times using black paint. What do you think?
We used our new book Scrap and our skills learnt in art using tints and shades to create these Scrap inspired robots. What do you think?
Religious Education
As part of our Christianity Trinity unit, we took our dolls and teddies to the Methodist Church to be baptised by Rev'd Froggatt!
We are learning about States of Matter. We had a visit from South West Water. Sophie showed us how water is filtered and cleaned with an experiment.
Take a look at our classroom!
Design Technology
DT and Science
We used our electrical knowledge to make simple circuits, which we put inside a torch we made and used a switch to turn them on and off!
In DT, we used a range of skills and techniques to create slingshot cars.