Photos of Class 4

Our Classes

 Here's what we get up to in Year 4!
We have had a fantastic day in Class 4 today with a real live Viking visiting us! 
We learnt about the main battles, Viking longships, Viking Runes and how to play Viking games, amongst other exciting things!
We have all enjoyed Beowulf. Here we are retelling the story with actions and words.
Understanding place value using Base 10 and Gattegno charts
We used scissors to create this art
We are creating printing blocks using card and polystyrene. We also created scratch art using wax crayons and black paint.
Design Technology
Here are the slingshot cars we made in DT complete with a chassis, wheels, sides and a roof. We learnt about kinetic energy.
We are learning about circuits and how to create a switch
Here we are creating models of the digestive system
This is our tooth rot investigation!
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