Spring Year B Knowledge organisers

Welcome back to the Spring term in Class 1!
The first half term our topic is 'Let's go tot the Arctic'. 
In English this half term we will learn about Polar Bears and complete a fact file all about Polar Bears.
We will then read the story 'The Great Explorer', learn it, and create our own versions.
In Maths, Reception children will continue to develop a deep understanding of numbers to 5. 
Year 1 will work on subtraction, counting back, finding a difference. 
We will learn about 2D and 3D shapes, their names and their properties.
In Geography, we will use maps to locate the Arctic circle. We will learn about the climate in the Arctic, and describe physical and human features. We will learn about the animals that live there. Finally, we use what we have learnt,  to compare the Arctic and the United Kingdom.
We will be learning about how Christians believe others should care for others and the world. We will read stories from the Bible and find out about significant people who have cared for others. We will learn  about charities and how they help others. 
We will explore: family, friends, people and music from around the world.
We will be learning about dreams and goals. We will discuss challenge, setting goals and how it feels when you have success.
This half term we will be working on balance. We will learn to balance from a seated position and then as we move.