Photos of Class 2

This Year
Monkey See - Monkey Do Story Launch
Our story in English was all about a hat seller so we started our learning by having fun trying on and wearing hats.
Metacognition Challenge
In Class, we have been learning to understand how we learn and thinking about the process of thinking. This is helping us to identify questions to ask ourselves and strategies to become successful and effective learners.
2020 - 2021
Science-Observing Trees and plants
We have been exploring the school grounds and making observations of trees and plants. We looked at them closely to look at the smallest of details and created detailed drawings of them. We also used measuring equipment such as rulers and tape measures to measure the various parts.
Geevor Tin Mine school visitor
As our History topic this half term is Cornish History, we have been lucky enough to have a visitor from Geevor Tin Mine come into school. He brought in lots of artefacts and taught us all about life as a minor. We had so much fin trying on minors' clothing and pretending to use their equipment.
Ninja Warriors!
We created a 'Ninja Warrior' style balance course around the playground.
We love using a variety of manipulatives in our Maths lessons, both to show our mathematical thinking to others and to help us make sense of mathematical concepts.
One Small Step
An amazing visit from Neil Armstrong to teach us all about his mission to the Moon.
Ho Ho Ho!
Christmas in Class 2. We have designed and made Christmas stockings, made decorations, participated in a Santa fun run, enjoyed a visit from Santa and so much more.