Photos of Class 2

Our Classes

This Year
Village Walk
As part of our Geography topic (mapping), we planned and then walked a route from school to the playing field. We stopped to take photos of any landmarks or points of interest on the way so we could create our own maps later. We then drew our own maps of the village, focussing on the roads we used and the landmarks we saw.
We have been learning about colour and brush strokes in art. We have studied Clarrice Cliff, an early 20th century ceramicist, and have created our own plate designs in the style of one of her famous pieces. We used a variety of paint brushes and techniques, including using straws to blow paint, creating trees.
Science Enquiry
When learning about the human life cycle in Science, we planned and carried out a scientific enquiry into whether children get quicker at completing tasks as they get older. We invited Year 6 children to complete a set of tasks and compared their speed to the that of the Year 2 children.
2021 - 2022
We use a variety of methods to solve calculations in Class 2 

Science: Feeding and Exercise 

How animals grow and the impact of exercise on humans
RE: Why does Easter matter for Christians?
We visited St Mylor church and spoke to Rev. Amanda about the importance of Easter to Christians.
   Forest School 
Forest School allows our children in Class 2 to  explore, investigate, self-challenge and find solutions all whilst working in the beautiful Cornish countryside or at the beach.  
Santa's on the Run
During the exciting build up to Christmas, we enjoyed a great day by dressing up as Santa and having lots of Christmas fun!
Technology Through Time Guest Speaker
We were lucky enough to have an expert in technologies, past, present and future, deliver a presentation about how technology has changed over the years. He even brought in all sorts of technologies and devices to illustrate the changes and innovations in the industry.
Metacognition Challenge
In Class, we have been learning to understand how we learn and thinking about the process of thinking. This is helping us to identify questions to ask ourselves and strategies to become successful and effective learners.
Monkey See - Monkey Do Story Launch
Our story in English was all about a hat seller so we started our learning by having fun trying on and wearing hats.