Photos of Class 2

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Maths over the term
Here are some examples of our maths learning this term. As always, using concrete objects with a practical approach is really important as it helps the children to visualise and understand the mathematical concepts.
RE - Church visit
Before Christmas, we visited our local church to learn all about advent and how Christians prepare for Christmas. We had lots of fun, joining in with lots of activities teaching us all about this time in the Christian calendar. 
Science - Investigating changing shapes.
In Science, Year 2 have been learning about everyday materials and their uses. Today, we explored how different objects react when we change their shape (bending, twisting, stretching and squashing). This experiment helped us to identify properties of materials and how these properties make them well suited to particular purposes.
English - Monkey See, Monkey Do
Our first lesson for our English unit was really fun. As the story is called 'Monkey See, Monkey Do', we learnt all about how cheeky, monkeys can be and how they behave. We even got to wear all sorts of different hats (the story is about monkeys stealing a hat seller's hats).
Seal Sanctuary visit
As part of our learning about animals and habitats this half term, we visited the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek. We had a tour around the site and learnt all about the seals and where they come from, as well as a 'hands on' mock up session of a seal pup rescue.
History - Technology Through Time
This half term we have been learning how technology has changed over the last century. It all started when we found a time capsule in our classroom-we investigated what was inside and tried to work out what each item was used for. Later on in the term, we had a visit from a technology specialist (who also happens to be Mr Shainberg's Dad). He told us all about technology innovation and brought in lots of artefacts for us to look at. After learning about innovation, we used this to investigate how and why musical devices have changed over the last century.
Multi-skills Festival
The Year 2 children were amazing at the Penryn College Multi-skills Festival! They did the school proud, with both their performance and their behaviour throughout the event!
2022 - 2023
Gylly Beach Trip
We enjoyed our day out at the beach. We had a busy time with rock pooling (we found all sorts of creatures), a walk through Queen Mary Gardens where we did some observational drawings, a lifeguard talk and some beach games.
History - Geevor Tin Mine
As we have been learning about Cornish history, particularly mining, we took a trip to Geevor Tin Mine. It was fascinating to walk around a real mine. We even walked through a section of one of the very old mines close to the surface.
Feadon Farm
We really enjoyed our trip to Feadon Farm, where we got to see all sorts of animals (including Reindeer, millipedes, a hedgehog and iguana, to name a few). We also had great fun on the 'clip and climb' walls and soft play area!
Art - Nature's textures
In Art, we have explored the school grounds for different textures. We then took these back to the classroom to see if we could create these textures with a variety of tools and objects. I think you'll agree, some of the results are amazing!
Newquay Zoo
What a fantastic time we had at Newquay Zoo! We saw so many amazing animals and had a really interesting talk about the penguins from one of the zookeepers. We learnt a great deal as well as having loads of fun!
End of Term Reward
The children worked extremely hard this half term, which was topped off with a fantastic Christmas Play. As their reward, the class chose to have a 'Teddy Bear' party day and requested a Ninja Warrior course. As you can see, they really enjoyed it!
Neil Armstrong visit
We were lucky enough to have Neil Armstrong (maybe not the real one) come in to visit us. He told us all about his life and his mission to the moon as well as lots of fun an interesting activities.
Village Walk
As part of our Geography topic (mapping), we planned and then walked a route from school to the playing field. We stopped to take photos of any landmarks or points of interest on the way so we could create our own maps later. We then drew our own maps of the village, focussing on the roads we used and the landmarks we saw.
We have been learning about colour and brush strokes in art. We have studied Clarrice Cliff, an early 20th century ceramicist, and have created our own plate designs in the style of one of her famous pieces. We used a variety of paint brushes and techniques, including using straws to blow paint, creating trees.
Science Enquiry
When learning about the human life cycle in Science, we planned and carried out a scientific enquiry into whether children get quicker at completing tasks as they get older. We invited Year 6 children to complete a set of tasks and compared their speed to the that of the Year 2 children.