Weekly Learning

Dear parents and carers,
Firstly, can you send your child in with a plastic bag to send home exercise books? In keeping with safety regulations, it might be advisable to leave these for a few days once they get home to limit transmission risks.
We are planning several activities to help celebrate the end of term for Class 6. Due to the current climate, a variety of our ordinary activities are not able to take place but we are working hard to create a different but equally exciting experience for this year's cohort. Below is a tentative plan for each day in the build-up to Thursday 23rd July. Alongside each activity, you will see anything that you will either need to send in or changes to drop offs and collections. 
Year 6 Leavers
Thursday 16th - walk to the Wedding Field followed by outside activities. We still come to school and leave at the normal times. The children have discussed having a pasty and a drink delivered to them so a nominal fee might be asked for to subsidise this. 

Friday 17th - shirt signing. Ordinarily, leavers will be able to have their school shirts signed by the peers and staff. In order to do this to a certain degree, we will be able to all wear gloves, sign the shirts that are placed on a cleaned table, take the gloves off and wash our hands and leave the shirts until the final day. This way, it will remove the transmission risk from shirt to shirt. 

Monday 20th - school based activities. These are all sorted and no changes to the school day are necessary. 
Tuesday 21st - Flushing Beach. We will meet at the beach for 9 o'clock and will be collected at 12pm. The children will be able to play on the beach, paddle in the water but will be unable to jump into the water. The children do not need to wear swimming gear. They should bring a snack and a drink for this day as they will not come to school. Remember sun cream and a hat. 
Wednesday 22nd - Bissoe Trail. We will meet in Devoran at 10am and will have two hours of cycling before being picked up from the same place at 12pm. They will need to bring a drink, snack and all their own cycling equipment. Remember sun cream and a hat!

Thursday 23rd - final day. We have this all sorted and the children have no idea what it is! It will remain top secret until the day itself. The will leave at the normal time via a socially distant archway involving metre sticks!
I hope this all makes sense and please feel free to send me a message if you have any queries. Thanks for your continued support throughout these difficult times and hopefully we can send the Year 6 children off in style.
Kind regards,
Matt Collinge
Week beginning Monday 13th July
Best wishes from Mr. Collinge and the rest of Class 6! 
Weekly Maths Lessons
Due to the different timetable this week, the website is going to look a little different. Please find attached a couple of work booklets for Maths below. For extra resources, please see the 'Further Maths Challenges' tab of our page.
Algebra Vocabulary
Algebra - the use of letters or symbols to represent unknown values
Expression - numbers, symbols and operators grouped together to represent a value
Formulae - a mathematical relationship expressed in symbols
Simplify - gathering 'like' terms and making an expression simpler (for example, x + x can be 2x)
Substitution - swapping out letters for numerical values
Fractions Vocabulary (Summer Half Term 2)
Fraction - a numerical value that is not a whole number
Numerator - a number showing how many parts of the denominator have been taken
Denominator - the number of equal parts in a whole
Improper fraction - a fraction in which the numerator is greater than the denominator 
Proper fraction - a fraction in which the numerator is less than the denominator (meaning the value is between 0 and 1)
Mixed number - a value consisting of a whole number and proper fraction 
Reciprocal fractions - fractions that are turned upside down (for example, 2/3 and 3/2 are reciprocal)
Prior Vocabulary (before May half term)
Integer - a whole number that can be positive, negative or zero
Equation - two parts of the same value or size that are separated by an equals sign
Calculation - the process of working out an answer to a number problem
Sum - the result of adding two or more numbers together
Multiple - a multiplie is lots of the same number or quantity 
Factor - a whole number that will divide exactly into another number
Divisor - a number that is divided into another number
Dividend - the quantity that has to be divided 
Quotient - the answer or solution to a division calculation
Product - the result of multiplying two numbers together 
Flashback Four
These are similar to our Fluency Five slides from our usual learning. Be aware, when you open the Powerpoint the slides are on the page. You need to start the slide show before to avoid seeing them!
English Weekly Learning
Enterprise Project
This week, the children are going to be creating their own businesses. Due to the current climate, we won't be able to hold stalls and sell products to other people. However, we have a list of activities for the children to complete:
- A webpage advertising their project.
The children all have a log-in for Weebly - a website design engine. Every business needs a state of the art website and this will be a way everybody can have a look at what your business will have to offer.
- A business card design
This can be done online or on paper. It should try and match your website to allow consistency so think about colour schemes, slogans and logos that you could put on it.
- A business pitch 
Similar to Dragons' Den, how would you encourage other people to work or invest in your business? Think about a target market, prices, etc. What sets you apart?
- A TV/radio advert
How else could you advertise your business? You can record each other using iPads (at a social distance), or prop your iPad up and film. You have a time limit of 30 seconds for TV advert or 45 seconds for radio.
- Poster/flier
This can be done online or on paper.
By the end of the week, we should have a webpage for every business with all the added features. These will be voted on by an independent judging panel and the best thought-out business wins! Good luck!