Year 6

What to expect in Year 6

As the last year in primary school, we are really important! This is the year where we take on more responsibility and lead by example – our opinions and ideas are vital to the development of our school. Of course, we are also ready to relish the challenge of KS2 SATs at the end of the year!


Your child should be reading every night, aloud to an adult as well as reading to themselves. Children should have both a  reading book at all times and please remember to sign the reading record when you hear them read!


Spellings are assessed on a daily basis through games and in their writing. We continue to send weekly spellings home and these are tested through the use of a spelling dictation weekly. 


We continue to focus on fluency, problem solving and reasoning in year 6 - there will be SATs revision homework set in order to ready the children for SATs in May