Fri 11- Fri 18th

We are all sorry that you are unable to come to school at the moment. 
Please find the week's learning below for you to get on with at home. The work that has been set this week matches the learning intentions that we are following in the classroom. It is really important that you try to complete these activities at home so that when you are able to get back to school, you haven't missed too much an are able to get straight on with the learning from where you left off at home. 
Lots of the lessons attached in the timetable below come with video links and are interactive so it will hopefully be easy to follow! The activities are attached too. Some of the activities attached are by PowerPoint and have audio descriptions with them to help you understand. 
I am available at  Please be aware that I am still teaching in Class but I should be able to get back to you by the end of the day. If it is urgent, you can always phone the school and I may be able to be released to speak with you. 
 Please email and finished work back to me on the above email and I will give you feedback.
Mr. Martin
Please find below our class read. 
This week we are reading chapter...
Monday 14th December - today's lessons
Re write the following in your neatest handwriting making the relevant corrections. The answers are on the PowerPoint. Don't check until you have finished. 
For Friday's English lesson, watch a Christmas film and write a film review for it.
What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it? How could it be improved? Who was your favourite character? What score would you give it out of 10? 
PE - Monday
Please follow the link to access your PE lesson for today. You have a choice of a JOE wicks work out or you can follow each of the advent day links up to the 14th December to see what exercise surprise is behind them. 
Computing - Monday
Please use your log in to access Purple Mash and Mrs Hamilton has set some online tasks for you to do. 
Geography - Tuesday
Using your knowledge on Greece so far and the internet to help if you like, write a postcard home to family. Try to make comparisons to Cornwall. For help and key questions, please see my example below.
History - Wednesday
Read through the PowerPoint. All of the prefixes have a Greek origin (they started in Ancient Greece) Do some research on the Greek Alphabet. Can you write your own name in Greek? Some of the letters do not exist but you can find a close enough sound. 
Use a dictionary - try to find 10 other words that have a Greek origin. What can these words tell us about the Ancient Greeks? 
Christmas task Thursday and Friday afternoon
In school, on Thursday and Friday afternoon, we will be making a snowman pompom with a top hat. If you don not have any white wool at home, let me know and I can try and get some to you. 
Other Christmas activities
Please find below, some other Christmas activities that you can do in the afternoons. There are some colouring sheets as well as some Christmas maths problem sheets.