Year 4

What to expect in Year 4

Year 4 is a special year group where the children continue to take more control of their own learning  and continue to develop Resilience, resourcefulness, Relationships and Reflection skills. 

We provide opportunities for children to develop their own skills but, more importantly, there is the chance for children to develop their collaborative skills to become strong team members who are able to support each other in their learning .



Please encourage your child to read aloud to an adult, as well as start to read independently. Your child will bring home reading books, or they can read books you have at home.

Children should be encouraged to talk to adults about the books they are reading; discuss reading choices and features of the book. It is also great to read books by the same author and compare the similarities and differences. 


Spelling are sent home every week and there is a weekly spelling dictation to check that children have learned these spellings.


In Year 4 from 2020 children will complete a Multiplication Tables Check - set by the DFE. This check is used to assess how many children know and have quick recall of multiplication facts to 12x12. In order to ensure that children are ready for this check, we use the 99 Club and Timetable Rockstars to challenge the children and hone these skills. 
See for further chances to practise.