work WB 8.6.20

After the trials and tribulations with powerpoints last week, Mrs Sanderson and I have found a much simpler way for you to access the maths. All you need to do is click on the video links and then click on worksheet/answers. I have attached some challenge questions for you too- have a go!
Attached are your weekly spellings. Are you testing yourself at the end of the week?
Let me know your scores!
I know there are lots of you running, cycling, walking and of course playing football!
For this half term, I am going to put up some clips with new skills to try. All these clips will help you to get stronger, more balanced and coordinated, support you with learning team skills, and those crucial gross motor skills as you continue to grow up.
Take a look and let me know how you get on, don't forget to send me some pictures!


Finally, we can start some work on the Amazon rainforest. I was really hoping we would be in school together for this topic, and so I have been holding out as long as possible before starting. Sadly, as it stands right now, you are still home learning. There is lots of aspect of the rainforest that we will learn over the next few weeks, and you may also have something in particular you want to find out about it too. (please email me and let me know).

For this week, I would like you to find out where in the world rainforests are, and then begin taking a closer look at some rainforests in particular.

Follow the powerpoint attached and the instructions given on the slides. ‘Where are the rainforests.’?  When you get to slide 10, there is a weblink and a worksheet to complete or answer questions into your books/paper. When you get to slide 11, you need to choose- if you want to find out about a rainforest that maybe a bit easier, choose Ghana, Honduras for an average and if you want to challenge yourself a bit more, take a look at Guatemala. You then need to choose which sheet to fill in- look for the country name.

Topic lesson two: music within the rainforest.

Panpipes, or panflutes are associated with rainforests, particularly the rainforests of Ecuador. I would like you to do a little research about them and then perhaps have a go at making some yourselves! (we were scheduled to do this in school before lockdown)! See if you can find out the answers to the following questions:

1.      Who plays the panpipes?

2.      How many pipes are used?

3.      What are they used for?

4.      How do they work?

Please then choose one of the following activities- you could create a set of instructions or poster about ‘How to make panpipes’, or create a powerpoint to showcase the information you have found out. Can you challenge yourself with your powerpoint skills? How about adding in a sound button with your voice or you playing your panpipes, or you could add a video clip into your presentation of you playing your panpipes/making your panpipes?


Optional extra activity: Panpipes are often used to listen to when being ‘mindful’ and when meditating. I would like you to spend sometime listening to panpipe music.

How does it make you feel? I have attached some mindful colouring if you wanted to do some whilst listening to the music or again, if you want to challenge yourself- there is a ‘how to make a lava lamp’ activity. My girls love to watch their lava lamps and it is a great way to be calm and reflect.


R.E:  This half term, we will learn a little about the Islamic Faith and compare to what we know already about Christianity.

For this week, please follow the powerpoint attached and complete the activities as suggested.