Summer Learning

Summer Learning
Hello Year 2s!
Well done for working so hard on your home learning this term. You may well be looking forward to some well deserved time off to enjoy the sunshine but some of you might enjoy continuing with some learning  for a few weeks. 
For those of you who would like to continue some learning, I have put together a list of resources that you might like to use. This is not compulsory at all and does not need to be sent back to school but it might keep you occupied if you get a few boring, wet days in the coming weeks.
As you know, reading at home is a crucial part of your child's learning and as we have not been at school for a long period of time, it is more important than ever that they continue to practise and develop their skills in both decoding and comprehension. 
Below is a list of links for websites and apps that allow you access to lots of reading books for free. Try them out and you will have plenty of of selection to choose from. 
I have included these amazing summer maths booklets from White Rose. This is the Maths that we follow in school so the children will be familiar with the style and structure of these. I have included the booklets with the most important strands of mathematical learning but there are lots more booklets and units available so should you wish to look at these, they can be found following the link below.
Topic Projects
I have included 6 themed topic projects below with a range of suggested activities and tasks. If your child is keen to look at all of these to could explore one per week. Alternatively, if you would prefer to use them as 'filler' activities for times when they might need something to do, feel free to pick out the topics that they are most interested in.