Week beginning 1st March 2021

Monday 1st March 2021
Our last week of remote learning!
English live and maths live.
This afternoon is purple mash and P.E session
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
English and maths live lessons today.
Science this afternoon- The Water Cycle. Follow the pre-record zoom and then complete one of the powerpoint set activities (either the mini worlds or the water cycle wheel). I would then like you to complete one of the chosen activities on the class page to create a representation of The Water Cycle. Make sure you take pictures and send them into me for our class display.
Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Geography - land use
Thursday 4th March 2021
Live English and Maths zoom today. 
Suggested maths activity links are below.
This afternoon, you can choose either to do some work on St Piran ready for tomorrow, (St Piran's day) or you can complete Fridays activity instead and swap the days over. I don't mind! Just remember to send in pictures of your Cornish activities. 
St Piran: Watch the first video about the story of St Piran. Then you can watch the short clip about celebrations in Falmouth (can you spot some familiar faces)?! You might want to listen and sing along to the song of Trelawny- can you remember the words from school assemblies? Then choose some Cornish baking activities. Enjoy and send me some pictures (or some samples into school)!
Friday 5th March 2021
Live English and maths zoom. 
Choose to complete today's afternoon activities or your St Piran activities that are on Thursday section.
Today's afternoon activity is LOCKDOWN ART! Take a look at the link below and read through some examples of art- choose your favourite idea and follow the instructions. Bring your picture/item into school on Monday or send me pictures of what you did/made. We are also going to have a go at a large class artwork for the window when we get back to school.
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