Monday 1st February 2021
I am back! I am still not 100%, so I need to preserve my energy and my voice. For this week only, I will do our English as a live zoom at 9am every day. Your maths will be a video link for you to follow and use the worksheet. Don't forget to send in your work for me to mark and give you feedback. You can check your answers for the maths too.
This afternoon's learning is Purple mash- follow the video that Mr Wilcox has uploaded below and complete your 'to do'.
PE activities- take a look and choose from the selection that Mr Mutsears has made for you.
Tuesday 2nd February 2021
English live zoom with me, then video link for maths.
I have pre-recorded a zoom for this afternoon- I will be introducing Children's mental health week.
Make sure you watch the assembly link first before my recorded zoom!
Wednesday 3rd February 2021
Hello everyone! Live English zoom from me today, then your video for maths (until my voice comes back).
This afternoon, you have a pre record zoom for PSHE and a couple of activities to do. One is matching scenario cards, creating a poster and completing a 'helping hands' sheet.
Thursday 4th February 2021
English live zoom today. I have attached to our page a copy of the simile word mat, the rainbow simile if you want to use them. There is also a simile matching game if you want to print it out and play at home.
Maths is on the video link today (until my voice fully returns)
Pre-recorded zoom on PHSE today. Our learning focus will be gratitude. There are lots of suggested activities in the powerpoint and video for you to choose to participate in. There are also some extra resources for mums and dads if they want them too. Choose to complete at least one of the creative activities. You then need to complete the scavenger hunt on slide 13, take picture of your finds or draw me and label your findings. Then have a go at journaling.  Try to complete a journaling activity once a day for at least a week. Let me know how you get on!
Friday 5th February 2021
Crazy hat day! (don't forget to wear your hat ready for the 9am zoom)!
English live with me - handwriting practice today -we will be working on week 5 session 2.
Show and tell!
Maths is a prerecorded video from me today-listen carefully to the instructions. I want you to be using your knowledge of area and perimeter to create a plan for a theme park.
Your topic tasks are: complete any activity from the week to help you to 'express yourself' or to help keep your mind and body healthy. 
For P.E I have attached a photograph- could you use an app like Strava to record your walk, bike ride or run and create a shape or animal? There is an example below where someone has walked the shape of a T-Rex!
Mrs Sanderson is hosting 230 catch up zoom this week- I am unable to make it this week, sorry everybody.