Week beg 8th Feb

Week beg. 8th February 2021
Dear Parents,
On Tuesday there is another Science light investigation. This time investigating reflective surfaces. You will need the following selection of household items;  a CD, tin foil, paper,  a small selection of different fabrics, bubble wrap (if available) cardboard and a piece of white card or alternatively a piece of card covered in white paper. Any problems, let me know and I can provide an alternative activity. Thank you.
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Hello children and parents. 
Today in DT we are going to be looking at and designing a Roman chariot. The children will watch my attempts and then design their own. After taking  the whole weekend to make my final version, I realise that this making will be very difficult to do on 1 prescribed afternoon next half term - therefore, please can you find some time over the half term to support your child to make their chariots and then we will review them on the first week back. Thank you for your help with this.  Vicky Sanderson 
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Today in English, once you have written your poem into neat, I would like you to practise reading it aloud. When you are ready, video yourself performing your poem - just like Michael Rosen!
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