Week beg 6th Jan

Wednesday 6th January 2021:
In order for me to prep for the rest of this week, and to help set up my children with their online learning, topic provision for this afternoon will be a P.E session. Please see the link on the P.E subheading of our class page.
There is also some Purple Mash spreadsheet lessons to complete. For those of you who were not in school on Monday, Mr Wilcox has set a coding activity for you.  All children should know their Purple Mash log ins, as they use them regularly- they are however, written in the front of their reading diaries.
Thursday 7th January 2021

Your task:

Research 2 further elements to the Puja tray. The Aarti and the Bhajans.

Draw me a picture of The Aarti and write 3- 5 facts about it, for example, what is the purpose of the lamp? Where would you find an Aarti? How is it used?

 Once you have researched the Bhajans- write a sentence or 2 to tell me about them and what your thoughts are about them. How did they make you feel?