Week beg. 25th January

Monday 25th January
Don't forget this weekend is the RSPB Great Garden Birdwatch. I have added some extra activities linked to this at the bottom of this page. If you get a moment, why not try some. Then don't forget to register to take part in the Great Garden Bird Watch. RSBP.org.uk 
Afternoon Learning
Tuesday 26th January
Afternoon Learning
Wednesday 27th January
Afternoon Learning -

Year 3 Home Learning P.E.


You will need:

5 pairs of socks, rolled into a ball.

A box or small bucket.


1)      Socks in a Box (version 1)

Place your box on the floor and take one pair of socks. Walk 3 big paces from the box and try to throw the socks in. If you get the socks in, score a point. Retrieve the pair of socks and try again. See how many you can score in one minute. Have a few tries, can you beat your score?

Challenge – Stand further away, find a smaller box.

Thursday 28th January
Afternoon Learning
Friday 29th January
Afternoon Learning
RSBP Great Garden Bird Watch this weekend