Week beg 22nd Feb

Shadow Puppet Theatre Project 
Dear Children,
To complete our work on Light and Shadows, next week for our Science lesson we would like you to make a shadow puppet theatre. In next week's lesson I will share with you how to make one.
You may want to act out a story with your puppet(s). Maybe you would like to involve other members of your family? We would love it if you could share your puppet theatres with us by the end of next week (Friday 5th March) either by taking a photograph or a video.
Below you will find links on how to make one if you want to make a headstart. 
Here is a list of what you will need;
  • A cardboard box or shoebox
  • Stiff card to make your puppets
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper (large enough to cover one side of your box) 
  • Bamboo skewers or straws to hold up your puppets
  • A bedside lamp or large torch.
  • Cellotape, scissors
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Friday's Learning
Purple Mash - I have set the continuation of your typing practise on Purple Mash - because you are SO quick with this, I'm not setting it as your lesson for this afternoon, but please try to squeeze in this practise at some point over the next couple of days.  
Roman Chariots - Please have your chariots ready to share at the end of today's English lesson. It would be great to share everyone's chariots and see what you've made. This afternoon will be evaluating your chariot and thinking about how it could be even better :) 
Afternoon Learning
If your child is running out of books at home or fancies a change don't forget about BorrowBox. Each local library member can now borrow up to six e-books and six e-audiobooks at any one time.

What do I need to use BorrowBox?

  • A Cornwall Library membership card and an internet connection to complete your registration
  • Once you have downloaded your eAudiobooks and eBooks an internet connection is not required to view them
Book Update
Don't forget there are lots of picture books on our class 3 page to listen to and quiz. I am updating this page regularly so keep checking in! Happy reading!