Week beg 1st March

Last week of Home Learning!
Dear Parents,
It's the final push now, only 5 more days of Home Learning! We are so proud of what the children have achieved and the amazing support you have provided. We are so looking forward to seeing them in person next week! 
For our maths lesson on Tuesday the children will need access to a tape measure. Thank you!
Monday's Learning
Afternoon Learning
Tuesday's Learning
Afternoon Learning
Wednesday's Learning 
Afternoon Learning
Thursday's Learning
Afternoon Learning
Friday's Learning - For maths today, we are going to play a few games and then design and make our own times table board game. 
Afternoon Learning - as it is the last afternoon of Home Learning I thought we'd take it a bit easy - I've set some Purple Mash typing practise for this afternoon's lesson. Then what I'd really like, is for you to get outside and take a walk/run/scoot/bike ride. Happy Weekend. SO looking forward to seeing you all on Monday @ 8.45am :)