Week 6

Here are some new versions of the poem created by Ava, Milo and Maisie
When Maisie was younger she was lucky enough to visit Costa Rica. She went to a cloud jungle and saw a waterfall! Here are some of the photos. 
Hi Year 1.
Welcome back to WEEK 6 of home learning.
You have worked incredibly hard and we are so proud of you all. 
This week in English we will be doing some POETRY and in Maths we are woking with numbers to 50.
This weeks work has been set out slightly differently, hopefully, making each days work easier to find. Your tasks for each day are under that days heading.
We have added some 'fun' activities for Friday, as a reward for working so hard.
Next week is HALF TERM so you will be able to have a very well earned rest!
We miss you all, and hope that we can see you very soon x
There are lots of suggestions below. Please just pick and choose what suits you!
In this activity you will look at each row of pictures. say the words out loud. Which words rhyme?
Which word is the odd one out? Can you write the rhyming words in your book?
Science - Thursday
To finish off our Inventors topic in Science, we will be learning about who invented Lego.
There is a video to watch about the History of Lego and who invented it. It's quite long but very interesting.
There is also a Power point that you can read through with your adult instead of watching the video.
Finally, have a good at one of the Lego challenges from the resources attached below the Lesson presentation link.
 Good luck!
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