Week 4

Here is some of this weeks BRILLIANT work!
Hello Year 1,
Welcome to week 4 of home learning.
You are all doing such great work and we love seeing what you have been up to!
Keep sending your work to us on Tapestry or class1@mylor-bridge.cornwall.sch.uk
It would be AMAZING if you could all send in a copy of your story at the end of the week so that we can see how brilliant they are!
We miss you lots, and look forward to seeing you on zoom each morning and on Friday afternoon :)
Art - Tiger Collage
Last week you had to create a jungle picture in the style of the artist Henri Rousseau using paint, colouring pencils or felt tips.
This week I would like you to create a tiger collage in the style of Henri Rousseau. You can use a  mixture of materials, for example, bits of paper, painted pieces of paper cut into leaf or flower shapes or cut leaf shapes out of old magazines.
First you need to watch the video below for ideas. If you don't have any orange card, you could always paint your tiger onto your piece of paper first. If you are using a blue piece of paper, you could paint your tiger onto a plain piece of paper and then cut it out.
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Here you will find three pre-recorded phonics lesson for this week.
There is also a phonics mat to complete and games online!
Here are some handwriting worksheets that you could have a go at :)
In English this week we will be creating new versions of Max's Jungle Adventure.
Use all of the skills that you have learnt in the last two weeks when creating your new story!
Please use Friday to finish your story if you need to.
Here are some instructions to make instruments as a treat for all of your hard work!
Just choose which one you'd like to do!