Week 3

Look at some of the amazing work that we have done this week!
Today we learned that Milo's Mummy comes from Borneo and that Milo has been to the jungle! KS1 were very excited to see these photos!
Week 3
Good morning Reception and welcome to the third week of our home learning. It's been so lovely seeing all the learning you have been doing, both inside and outside. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Here is where you will find all of the work that needs to be completed this week.
Please remember to send us some of your work at class1@mylor-bridge.cornwall.sch or you can upload it to your Tapestry account.
If you have any questions about your work you can also use this email address.
Remember to join us on zoom at 9:30 every morning if you can and also on Friday afternoon for a story.
There will be an English and Maths activity to complete everyday and a topic lesson each afternoon.
We are still uploading more stories so keep an eye on the KS1 bookshelf!
Have fun with this work, we can't wait to see what you've done each day!
Here is a rough timetable for the afternoons:
Monday - Topic
Tuesday - PE
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - Science
Friday - Art
There are lots of activities provided below so please choose what suits you!
For this week's lesson, the children will be making animal tracks as their practical learning. The clip suggests cutting shapes into potatoes (adults doing the cutting) but you can use anything to make the prints. Children can even use their own feet to make footprints in a variety of ways.
This week in art we are going to be looking at the artist Henri Rousseau. 
There is a power point to look through, which will tell you about him and the way he painted.
For today's lesson, I would like you to design your jungle with Henri Rousseau's techniques in mind. He drew animals larger and in the fore ground and plants in the back ground. He also drew over sized flowers in his paintings.
You can use felt-tips, colouring pencils or paint to create your jungle picture.
Phonics Lessons
I am going to add some more phonics lessons here for you to have a look at. There won't be one for every day of the week so you can choose which days you view a phonics lesson and which days you choose an activity from the links below.
This week, we will continue to look at the story 'Max's Jungle Adventure'
Below is a brief overview of what activity we will be doing each day.
Monday - Create a story map
Tuesday - Use your story map to practise retelling the story.
Wednesday - Make a list of jungle animals.
Thursday - Add words to describe your animals.
Friday - Write some sentences about your animals using the descriptive words from yesterday's lesson.
Monday 18th January
Tuesday 19th January
For today's lesson, you need to practise retelling the story 'Max's jungle adventure' using the story map you created yesterday. 
Wednesday 20th January
Thursday 21st January
Friday 22nd January
Here you will find the input and the work for this week's Maths lessons. 
All the videos for the week are in one link - Alive in 5! Week 2. Video sessions for week. The link for the worksheets is under each day.
The link below will take you to the whole weeks video sessions. You will need session 1 for Monday, session 2 for Tuesday, session 3 for Wednesday, session 4 for Thursday and session 5 for Friday. There will be an accompanying worksheet to go with each session. You can print these off if you would like to, however, the children can just as easily view the worksheet up on the screen as most of their tasks are practical.
Monday 18th January
Composition of numbers 5 (2 groups).
You will need session 1 from the video sessions link above and the worksheet below.
Tuesday 19th January
How many altogether?
 You will need session 2 from the video sessions link above and the lesson 2 worksheet from below. 
Wednesday 20th January
Composition of numbers (3 groups).
You will need session 3 from the video link sessions above and the lesson 3 worksheet from below.
Thursday 21st January
How many are hiding?
You will need session 4 from the video link sessions above and the lesson 4 worksheet from below.
Friday 22nd January
How many are hiding?
You will need session 5 from the video link sessions above and the lesson 5 worksheet from below.