Week 3

Here you will find some of this week's AMAZING work!
Today we learned that Milo's Mummy comes from Borneo and Milo has been to a real jungle!
Look at these amazing photos! The KS1 team were very excited to see these!
Hello year 1!
Welcome back to week 3 of home learning.
We hope that you had a really great weekend and are ready to learn even more!
Thank you if you have uploaded your work to TAPESTRY or to class1@mylor-bridge.cornwall.sch.uk
If you have not yet uploaded some work, please try to send in at least a piece of English and Maths work per week, just so that we know you are getting along ok.
We will still have zoom registers each morning with our class teachers, so please try and join us then.
This week we have lots of learning to do...so lets get started :)
There are lots of activities for this session so please choose the activities that suit you!
This week in art we are going to be looking at the artist Henri Rousseau. 
There is a power point to look through, which will tell you about him and the way he painted.
For today's lesson, I would like you to design your jungle with Henri Rousseau's techniques in mind. He drew animals larger and in the fore ground and plants in the back ground. He also drew over sized flowers in his paintings.
You can use felt-tips, colouring pencils or paint to create your jungle picture.
Here are 3 pre recorded phonics sessions. 
Have a go at these activities. There is also a phonics mat to complete and games to enjoy from the links on the resources page.
This week we will carry on thinking about Max's jungle adventure.
We are going to learn about nouns, adjectives and verbs, as well as making our sentences correct and different ways to start our sentences.