Good morning Year 1!
Here is where you will find all of the work that you will need to complete on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for this week.
There will be an exercise book that you can collect from school, to put your work in or you can do it on a piece of paper.
Please remember to send us some of your work at class1@mylor-bridge.cornwall.sch or you can upload it to your Tapestry account.
If you have any questions about your work you can also use this email address.
We are so sorry that we are unable to teach you in school at the moment but will see you every day at 9AM for the register. 
There will be an English and Maths activity to complete everyday and a topic lesson each afternoon.
We will also be uploading lots of stories and songs that you can access whenever you like!
Have fun with this work, we can't wait to see what you've done each day!
This week we will be thinking about our Christmas Holidays and the New Year.
Please see the links below for an introduction to the lesson and the work that you will need to complete each day.
PHONICS - You should receive an email very soon advising you which phonics phase your child is working at. Please use the links below to practise the sound games and tricky words in this phase.
Please only read and answer the information and questions on the first and second sheets. Don't worry about the other 9 pages!
Here you will find the input and the work for this week's Maths lessons. 
Sometimes there will be a maths video, sometimes it will be Mrs Mogridge. 
You will find the worksheet needed underneath the video.
You do not have to print it off if you don't have a printer, just write your answers in your book or your piece of paper.