Stay at Home Challenges

Stay at Home Challenge #9
Back to a sporty challenge this week - a rally challenge! How many can you and a partner manage without letting the ball hit the floor?
Have a look at Mrs. Woods' effort below! If you are a solo player, you can alter it to keepie-uppies!
You know what to do - film yourself having a go and send it to and get yourself on the website.
Good luck!

Mr. C
Stay at Home Challenge #8
Morning all!
Apologies that this is late - I've been having a bit of a nightmare with e schools at home! Here is the new challenge - can you recreate your favourite book cover? There are some fantastic examples of these and we'd love to see your efforts!
Check out some of the public's interpretations here:
Send them into and get yourself on the website!
Stay safe,
Mr. C
Football Challenge
Theo completed Jowan's football challenge! What a strike!
Stay at Home Challenge #7
This week's challenge was inspired by Ben in Year 6. Ordinarily, we'd have held the Easter Concert in Tremayne Hall at the end of last half term and I know a lot of you were working on pieces to perform for your parents and classmates. While that was unable to take place, I thought we could hold a virtual concert this week for all of you who are either still rehearsing in your time at home or have used this time to try and learn a new instrument. 
It doesn't matter what you play or how long you've been playing but if you would like to be part of our virtual concert, please send a clip in of you playing. I'm using my time at home to learn some of the classic guitar songs of the 1970s.
Email me at and get yourself on the website!
Stay safe,
Mr. C
Check out Dan's piece entitled "Off To Paris"!
Listen to Martha's fantastic clarinet playing - keep it up Martha!
Check out these amazing performances from Darcey and Bethan!
Can you name the fantasy film that this piece comes from? I'm stumped and need some help!
Check out Ben's drum solo!
Stay at Home Challenge #6
This week is an art challenge. With Captain Tom Moore capturing the hearts of the nation by raising nearly £29 million for the NHS, we thought it might be nice to celebrate his birthday by designing him a card. His 100th birthday is on Thursday 30th April and there is a link to send him your cards here:

Please take a photo and send it to us and we can create a gallery for you all the see everybody's cards!
Stay safe!
Mr. C
Here is the address to send your cards to Captain Tom Moore:
Captain Tom Moore, 
c/o Marstan Moretaine POst Office 
67 Bedford Road
Marstan Moretaine
MK43 0LA
To download a card see this link 
Jowan's Football Challenges Round 2!
Jowan is back again with another exquisite scissor kick! Can you try and replicate it with something similar in your back garden? Please don't hurt yourselves trying like I know I would!
Mr. C
Stay at Home Challenge #5
This week's challenge is a physical one: can you run/walk/skip a mile in your own house? I've chosen to do it in shuttle runs in my back garden but you can be more creative! Either film yourself doing it and send it in or upload a screenshot from a tracking app (Strava and Map My Run are examples you could use - free to download) and we can put it on the website.
Good luck and excuse the state of my garden!
Mr. C
Ed and Theo putting in a huge shift for this week's challenge!

Stay at Home Challenge #4

Learn to juggle with three balls!  Mrs McGannity takes you through how to juggle step by step - how far can you get? Two balls? Three?  
Send your videos in to Mr Collinge at and get yourself on the website!
Good luck!
Stay at Home Challenge #3
Teabag trick shots! Add a little flair to making your parents a cup of tea!
The more creative, the better - send yours in to and get yourself on the website.
Mr. C
Connor succeeds in one take!
Some football inspired efforts from the Martin household!
A one take wonder from Mrs. Mogridge!
Mr. Wilcox is really upping the ante in terms of production value! Slow motion, soundtrack and instant replay.. I need to step up my game!
Team Sanderson's attempts at this week's Stay at Home Challenge!
Emily with two successful shots facing two different directions!
Mrs. Medlin's daughter, Amelie, wanted to get in on the fun too!
Mr. Mutsaers and Mr. Shainberg made quick work of this week's challenge - even if Mr. Shainberg had a backboard! 
Stay at Home Challenge #2
New week, new challenge. It’s a musical theme this week - can you play this riff? 

Any instrument, any key and at any speed. All you’ve got to do is film yourself playing it and send it to me at Good luck!
Mr. Collinge
Theo playing the acoustic guitar to complete the challenge - we'll have to jam when we get back to school!
A very creative version from Harry - you've got to teach me!
Evie is back! Not only is she back, she’s submitted a brilliant entry to this week’s Stay at Home Challenge!
Brilliant to see Eddie complete this week's challenge!
Superb effort from Mr. Mutsaers!
Jowan’s Football Challenges
Here are some absolutely amazing football skills from Jowan! Can anybody else do these? I know I’m going to try them! Keep it up Jowan!

If you have any creative twists on these challenges, please send them in!
Mr. Collinge
Dan has had a go at Jowan's challenge!
Stay at Home Challenge #1
Here’s a challenge to try at home. If anyone can do 10 and email me at with video proof, they win an edible prize upon our return to school. Good luck!
An amazing effort from Max - 20 is the new record! Can anyone else do it?
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A very strong effort from Mr. Shainberg!