Sport Training from Home

Welcome to the new page! Over the next few weeks (with a huge help from members of Year 6), I am going to be uploading some training drills for you to complete in your back gardens. These will hopefully range over as many sports as possible and will require as little equipment as possible. 
If you have an idea for a training from home video or would like to film one yourself, please email me at and we can get your idea on the website.
Stay safe and stay active!
Mr. Collinge
This is one for the footballers. The drill is to work your way up without letting the ball hit the floor. Both feet, both thighs, a header and then work your way down again. This will help work on your touch and your control, as well maintaining balance and focus with different types of touch.
All you need is a ball and a little bit of space. If you want to alter it slightly, then please feel free! If you want to get your training drill on the website, send it in to and I can put them up to share.
I cannot express how great it was to put my boots on again after several months!
Mr. C
Have a look at Ed's tour de force of cricket below! There are plenty of drills within this so have a look through and take the aspects you would like. The dog is optional! 
Cricket can be split into many different skills but we will be looking at bowling, fielding and batting as we progress through the weeks on this page. 

For an added challenge, try and complete the catching aspects with only one hand (left and right). Sometimes, the ball comes at you too quickly to get two hands there so it is important to be ready. Plus, catching one handed just looks so cool! 
Here is something you can do to develop your throwing accuracy. In true Max fashion, he has set the bar incredibly high! 
There are numerous variations you could use here; a throw straight into the bucket, a certain number of bounces, certain object obstructing your view. You may wish to experiment with different styles of throw - would an overarm or underarm throw be better? What are the benefits and limitations of both?
Molly has sent this drill in. This would also work for basketball or any form of throwing practice. Upon making a successful shot, take a step back and make the shot harder. Keep going further back until you run out of room!
If you want add further challenge, try and shoot from your weaker hand. You never know which side you'll receive the ball in a game and being confident on both is absolutely crucial - just ask Jonny Wilkinson!
Max has designed this drill to work on a 'chip kick'. This would be used in rugby to beat a defender as they come to tackle you. Players like Max, who are powerful and quick, will use this to their benefit to beat oncoming tacklers. This requires a lot of different skills: control, balance, speed and a huge amount of coordination between hands, eyes and feet. 
All you need for this training session is a ball and something to obstruct your path. Try not to kick it too high and whatever you do, please don't send it over the fence!