Work for WB 20.7.20

Hello everyone and welcome to week 14. Our final week of loading up weekly activities. Officially, our last day is Thursday 23rd July so only 4 days of activities are on this page. All of the activities this week can be done without a printer. We hope you enjoy them:)
We hope you have a super summer holiday and we can't wait to see you all in September!
Phonics - WEEK 14
Below are this weeks phonics PowerPoints.
English - WEEK 14
Please make sure your child reads every day.
Daily handwriting practise - use the letter formation sheet.
English is still split into 3 areas:
Please see attached file for the 'Teddy's lists' text . 
1) Speaking and listening;
2) Reading;
3) Writing.
You can choose which activities to do and when. It would be lovely if at least one activity from each area was completed.
Maths - WEEK 14
This week we are focusing on time - days of the week, daily timetable, telling the time - o'clock etc. There is a powerpoint to go through with your child and also a short video to use if you wish.
There are some sheets added that have lots of time activities for you to choose from.
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