PTA Minutes

Agenda for Mylor School first PTA AGM

16th July 2019


Attendees: Beccy Brougham – Chair/Minutes, Emily Garrod, Nikki Lumby, Danielle Ditty, Polly Radford, Bryony Hadley, Vicky Sanderson


  1.       Committee organisation
  •          Chair – Beccy Brougham – voted in by the parents of Mylor Bridge via paper ballot.
  •          Vice Chair – To be decided, nominations to be requested
  •          Co/Treasurer – Emily Garrod & Jenna Chase Wills (not present but had agreed to be nominated verbally)

                                                              i.            Nominated by Nikki Lumby seconded by Beccy Brougham

                                                            ii.            Unanimous vote

  •          Secretary – Bryony Hadley

                                                              i.            Nominated by Beccy Brougham, seconded by Vicky Sanderson

                                                            ii.            Unanimous vote

  •          Teacher rep – Mrs Sanderson
  •          Public Engagement coordinator – Polly Radford
  •          Events Coordinator – nominations to be requested
  •          Class reps – nominations to be requested


  1.       It was decided that the PTA would be named Mylor Bridge PTA.
  •          It was agreed that we would join the Parentkind website at a cost of £110 and the following would be obtained from it or via it:

                                                              i.            Constitution

                                                            ii.            Charity Status

                                                          iii.            Public liability insurance

ACTION: Beccy Brougham to liaise with Sophie to obtain payment from money previously raised to join Parentkind

ACTION: Beccy Brougham to personalise the constitution and bring to next meeting for review and sign off by PTA

ACTION: Beccy Brougham to apply for Charity Status (may need the bank account to be set up before this)


  •          Bank account:

                                                              i.            The requirements for a Bank account were discussed, and it was recommended that we not use HSBC/Alliance & Leicester/Santander for various reasons.

It was also suggested that it might be worth banking with a bank that does match funding if a member of staff is associated with the charity. A decision is still needed as to which bank to set up and what is needed.

ACTION: All to find out if any banks are associated with school parents, and which bank to go for.

ACTION: Beccy Brougham to find out what is required to set up the bank and liaise with the treasurers.

                                                            ii.            Access to be given to both treasurers & chair

  1.       It has been agreed there needs to be a clear mission statement outlining what the PTA is about. 

ACTION: Beccy Brougham to research other mission statements and come with a suggested one.

To link to school’s values and vision statement


  1.       It was agreed that fundraising will cover:
  •          Curriculum resourcing
  •          School Trips
  •          Developing cultural capital
  •          Equipment
  •          and won’t cover:
  •          Staff costs
  •          Utilities
  •          Building repairs/maintenance


  1.       Communication Plans
  •          Social Media

                                                              i.            Facebook – it was agreed that we would ask that the “Friends of Mylor” pages be archived and a new facebook group/page would be set up for the PTA

ACTION: To request that the current facebook pages are deactivated/archived

ACTION: To set up a new facebook page/group

ACTION: To confirm if it should be a page or group

                                                            ii.            Social Media Manager required

ACTION: To request a nominee

  •          Website – requirement for a website to be reviewed at a later date.
  •          Communication within the PTA team to be via a Whatsapp group initially
  •          Documents to be shared via a Googledocs folder. All PTA can access and review documents here
  •          Communication with parents and families via a regular Leaflet/Newsletter

ACTION: First Newsletter to be created for the beginning of next term, to have a PTA Launch

  •          Email to be sent out to whole school including Minutes of this meeting and Action items
  •          To highlight that ALL parents belong to the PTA and all meetings are open.
  •          For events to occur we need more volunteers
  •          Vice Chair/Social Media Manager/Events Coordinator/Class reps are all needed


  1.       Autumn plans
  •          Coffee morning early Autumn term within Tremaine Hall to involve/invite WHOLE village
  •          Some classes can do some music/singing
  •          Can highlight what is needed within the school, not just fundraising but volunteering etc
  •          Logo competition with the school children to decide on PTA logo


  1.       Year plans – not sure if any were previously set up by Freya. Mrs S would like a disco in the Autumn term and maybe an Xmas Film Night
  •          Disco – discussed the possibility of two tier ticket – one includes food & drink, one that doesn’t (only this way really to accommodate those who can’t eat the food)
  •          Possibly get Dominoes or similar to donate pizzas
  •          Leah Yates – another PTA Chair in Cornwall who has had amazing results and raised loads of money.
  •          Look at other local businesses too

ACTION: Polly to follow up with Freya to check what if any has been booked in already? World Book Day?

ACTION: Need a Sub-committee or lead for Disco and/or Film Night


  1.       Subcomittees
  •          Need to get Sub Committees on board so that they can run their events and feedback into the PTA
  •          Sub Committees:

                                                              i.            Music

                                                            ii.            Arts

                                                          iii.            Sports

                                                           iv.            Other Events i.e. Disco/Film/Fairs


  1.       Ideas Bank – to have a shareable document where Ideas can be logged and if appropriate actioned/owned. All PTA members to log own ideas and those shared by wider PTA community

ACTION: Beccy Brougham to create this and add to Google Drive


  1.   Catalogue of suppliers & skills amongst parents and affiliated people to be set up. For example, if we have a parent who can write bids this would be really useful for when we want to apply to a charity. Or a parent or relative who can run a disco.

ACTION: Beccy Brougham to create this document and add to Google Drive


  1.   Crowdfunder for playground: it was discussed that we need a LOT more leaflet dropping, parents need to collect leaflets before the end of term and do letterbox drops soon. Doesn’t matter how local it is but need to let Polly/Sophie know where they will leaflet drop so it’s not duplicated. Also need to approach businesses.

ACTION: ALL PTA to share this with other parents and let them know what is needed

ACTION: ALL PTA to take extra leaflets home with them so that others can collect from them


  1.   AOB
  •          Kellan Radford is still hoping to get a boat for the playground


  1.   Next Meeting Date: confirmed for Tuesday 3rd Sept 7.30pm in the Lemon Arms














Charitable status:

                                                              i.            Choose name

                                                            ii.            When you apply you’ll be asked:

about your charity’s charitable purposes

how you run your charity for public benefit

for proof that your charity’s annual income is above £5,000, unless you’re a CIO

You’ll also need to give your charity’s:


bank or building society details

most recent accounts

contact details, including a postal address

trustees’ names, dates of birth and contact details

a copy of your charity’s governing document (in PDF format)

Proof of income

Proof of income, if needed, can be any one of:

your charity’s latest ‘published’ annual accounts (in PDF format) – they must have been approved as proof of income by an independent examiner or auditor

a recent bank statement (as a scanned image)

a formal offer of funding from a recognised funding body (as a scanned image)