Meet our Classes

Class 1
Class 1 is taught by Mrs Mogridge, Mrs Tresidder, Mrs Hatton and Mrs Evans We currently have 31 children in Class 1. These pupils enjoy a curriculum which is enhanced by playful, self-directed learning. We access our  outdoor classroom and also try to take our learning outside as much as possible. 
Class 2 
Class Two is taught by Mrs Lang, Mrs French, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Garland. We currently have 31 children in this class. Class 2 our children focus on the 4 operations in maths, alongside developing their understanding of shape, space and measure. In English, we concentrate on developing writing of simple sentences using correct punctuation. 
Class 3 
We have 21 Year 3 children in Class 3. Mrs Thomas and Mrs Armstrong teach in this class. This term the children are learning about place value and are developing their story-writing skills. 
Class 4 
19 Year 4 children are taught in Class 4. Mrs Wilkes  teaches in this class.   Thomas and the Tinners is the focus for this term, with our children learning about Cornwall and our Cornish heritage.  
Class 5 
Mr Martin and Mr Matsayeurs teach in Class 5. We have 22 Year 5 children in this class. In Class 5, the children are developing their use of formalised recording in Maths. We are also working hard to improve our use of exciting vocabulary, appropriate punctuation, and improved detail in our writing. 
Class 6 
Class 6 is the last class at our school. We currently have 22 children in Year 6, taught by Mr Collinge and Mrs Fenton.  The children in Y6  are working hard to improve their understanding of SPaG, formal methods of recording in Maths, and also mastering flow and tone in their writing.