Welcome to the French page!


At Mylor Bridge School, we study French as our foreign language. This is taught in lessons by class teachers and other members of staff who are fluent French speakers. The children are encouraged to speak, listen, write and appreciate the language, as seen in the National Curriculum aims below:



Our Curriculum

We follow the Twinkl scheme of work for French. This allows the children to progress in their proficiency, understanding and overall grasp of the language as they move further up the school. Each lesson recaps prior learning and incorporates engaging ways to recall the essential vocabulary needed for the session.


Our children are using Duolingo to help them with their learning from home. This allows them to work through their own pace, acquire vocabulary and consolidate existing knowledge. Duolingo allows the children to read, understand and speak French, as well as exploring some of the grammatical structures that differ from our language.


Please see some of the images below: