What to expect in Reception

Reception is also Early Years Foundation Stage (or EYFS), and that is exactly what we are – the foundation for your child’s learning journey!

In Reception, children get used to being at school and being a member of a large class. We start to learn about school routines and we continue to develop independent skills.




Thank you to all the EYFS parents who have returned their forms with their details for “Tapestry”. Mrs Mogridge has entered all the details that she has received and those parents will be receiving an activation e mail soon. If you have any problems with this process, please see Mrs Mogridge or Mrs French. Once you have activated your account, please be patient as we are awaiting permission of all parents before we can let our observations “go live”. Once we do “go live” I am sure you will be thrilled with the insights into your child’s learning. Your child will love talking to you about the pictures of their learning too.

We keep families informed about their child’s progress through a learning journal online through Tapestry. It’s a really effective way for parents and teachers to communicate about their child’s learning. You’ll get your own login and will be invited to a meeting in September where we explain how it all works.


As the children learn their individual phonic sounds they will bring home lots of things that they can practise.


Similarly they will be expected to practise their reading on a daily basis. Each child will have library books that they can share at home and these will be changed regularly.

Individual home learning

We’ll let you know if there is anything else that you child would benefit from practising at home.