Class 6 (pack 1)

Tuesday 5th January 2021
Good morning everyone!
Here we go again! Frustratingly, we are back in this situation again but l look forward to seeing your faces tomorrow for our Zoom sessions. I will be spending my day today shifting planning, Powerpoints, resources and worksheets over to the website for us to get going on Wednesday morning. 
See you all then,
Mr. C
English on Tuesday
Have a look at the image by following the link. This is going to be a link with our upcoming Banksy unit. Have a look at the story starter on the right hand side. Can you tell the story of the girl and the red balloon?
Please feel free to use this PDF for following with our class story!
The children can also use to test their understanding with quizzes. They should all have their usernames and passwords!
Have a read through the Powerpoint below and complete the activities attached.
Use an atlas (online or a real one if you have one at home) to locate these countries. 
For a challenge, try this:
Please read through the Powerpoint and use the work of Kandinsky to produce your own piece using circles.