Home learning

I'm sorry that you are unable to come to school. Please find below,  some learning activities  to keep your skills sharp. 
Please work through the activities by following the link to watch the film narrative and completing the activities suggested.
The second set of activities are related the the SPAG knowledge that you will need in year 5.
Please work through the PLACE VALUE activities below. All the activities are concepts that are learnt in the beginning of the first half term or recap from year 4. 
Please use the sheet and an online atlas (or atlas if you have one at home) to locate the countries of Europe and record them on this sheet.  
Read about Nelson Mandela and complete the activities on the sheets.
Try to master the first five of these YOGA poses. 
Please look through the PowerPoint to learn about the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky and produce a piece of artwork using circles. 


Scientific drawings

Please follow the link below to complete the online lesson on how to draw a scientific drawing.