Class 1 Updates

Hi Class 1,
We are SO pleased to hear that we will see you ALL back in school in September!
We have all missed you so much and can't wait to hear all of your stories, and to teach you in school.
Here is this week's topic work.
Take care and keep sending in your lovely photos and messages xx
Week beginning 22.6.20
Hello Class 1,
We hope that you are all ok and that you are still enjoying your home learning. 
Don't forget to send in photos of what you have been doing...we are looking out for our STARS OF THE WEEK!
Also check out the Key Stage 1 assemblies, Mrs French is telling a story about COURAGE.
Mrs Mogridge is going to film a story and hopefully upload it later.
We are also in the middle of sorting out a zoom chat with you...we will email your adults when we have a date. 
Keep working hard Class 1, we miss those of you have no come back very much xx
Week Beginning 15.6.20
Hello Class 1!
Please find below this week's topic work.
Have a lovely week xx
Week Beginning 8.6.20
Hello Class 1! Hope that you are all well.
Here is week 2 of our topic work, don't forget to show us what you have learnt, we LOVE seeing what you have been up to xx
Hello everybody!
We hope that you had a good half term and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!
This half term we will be starting a new history topic. "Seaside holidays in the past." We will post weekly lessons as previously.
Do also take the opportunity to learn more about the marvellous county that we live in and add in some beach safety. We will add some activities on beach safety in the next few weeks.
As always, please keep us up to date with what you have been up to and to let us know that you are all ok.
We are still available on the class email .... have a super half term xx
Hi all....Happy 'Half term!'
As promised, here is the final lesson for Let's Go on Safari incase you wanted to complete this this week.
Next week we will be starting a new topic.
Work will continue to be posted on the website after half term for those of you who are continuing to learn at keep sending in your phots and emails.
Have a lovely half term everybody xx
Week Beginning 18.5.20
Hello everybody and welcome to week 8!
We hope that you are all happy, smiling and most importantly safe and well.
This week would have been the last week before 'Half term', there are two more lessons left in our 'Let's go on Safari' topic so the last one will be posted next week in case you want to finish it off.
We really hope that you have enjoyed this topic, we have loved seeing all of the brilliant work that you have done!
As always, please email or add to TAPESTRY to let us know that you are well.
Make sure that you have a look on the Year 5, 4 and 6 page as their classes have made class videos and they are great!
Have a great week xx
Good morning, and welcome to Week 8. 
We hope that you managed to celebrate VE Day in some way, shape or form on Friday and that you managed to spend some time in the sun over this beautiful weekend.
Please remember to send us a quick email or photo each week to let us know that you are safe, well, and getting on ok. You don't have to send LOADS of evidence of what you have been up to, just a quick 'Hello', reassures us that you are doing well and keeps us in contact with you.
Please see below this week's topic work on Let's go on Safari.
Have a fun week xx
Hi everyone,
Well, we're about to start WEEK 7 of lockdown!
The Class 1 team all hope that you are well, happy and still enjoying home learning.
We LOVE seeing what you have been up to and the amazing ideas that your Mum's and Dad's have had to keep you learning.
We miss you all very much and it still feels very strange that we are 'teaching' you without seeing you.....So, keep the photos, videos and emails coming!
This week was supposed to be a 4 day week as on Friday it is a 'BANK HOLIDAY' to celebrate VE Day. We think that it is very important that this day is still marked, so we will not be setting any school work for this day, but do ask that you celebrate it in some way.
We have added a link below with some suggested ideas, worksheets etc that you could use.
Have a great week, and as ever, please do not hesitate to contact us about anything.
Love from the Class 1 team xx
Look at what we have been up to THIS week!
Hi everyone,
Well, its the beginning of another week.
Thank you so much for all of the video's and photos that you have been sending to let us know what you have been up to.
We have loved seeing how creative and hard working you all are.
We are also REALLY pleased that you are enjoying this terms topic 'Let's go on Safari.'
We miss you all VERY much so keep all of the lovely updates coming!
Love from the Class 1 team xx
Wk beg 27.4.20
This week's Lets go on safari planning...enjoy! :)
Look at what we have been up to this week!
 Hi all,
Here is a link for access for coding lessons. The Year 1 children started coding last term and loved it.
Let's go on safari..week 2 20.4.20 Lesson 2
Hopefully you have all seen the message that the teachers worked together to make for you...we all miss you a lot!
Class 1 are the first to be given the chance to make the next video.
All we need it a 10 second clip, with a written message (no sound), a wave or just a smile, send to the Class 1 email address.
We will then ask Mr Wilcox to work his magic and he will make it in to a video, with backing track, so that the children can see their friends....and so that the teachers can see your lovely faces!
The message needs to be with us by WEDNESDAY 22nd April so that Mr Wilcox has time to put it together and get it ready as soon as possible.
We have had some sent through already and they are FANTASTIC...we have loved seeing your smiling faces!
Please send your 10 second clips to you xx
It has been lovely to see what you have been up to over the Easter holidays..thank you so much for the photos...keep sending them in!
This term our topic will be Let's Go on Safari. 
Please find below the lesson plan, powerpoint slides and work for lesson 1.
The children DO NOT need to complete all of the worksheets...please pick and choose as you wish, Reception children can discuss, look at maps etc.
The children could make models of aeroplanes, boats, create maps and cut and stick pictures of Kenya/ Africa from the internet/ holiday brochures.
Hello Class 1, we hope you are having a lovely Easter break. Just in case you need some extra activities, there are some added below for you to have a go at. We would love to see any photos of what you have been up to. Happy Easter!
Mrs French/Mrs Mogridge